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Diamond Painting is easy & no skills are required.


Diamond Painting – The New Craft

If you are not already familiar with diamond or gem painting, it’s a modern art form in which you glue shimmering rhinestones, known as diamonds, on canvas for creating your magnificent paintings. The picture that results is a masterpiece that shimmers just the way diamonds do. For painting your art pieces, you have to glue colorful diamonds to the canvas that comes as part of your full coverage diamond painting kits. There is a certain color guide that you have to follow in the process. Just follow the guide and stick glued diamonds to the areas designated on the canvas. Eventually, you’ll be able to paint a wonderful piece of art that you’ll surely feel proud of.

The most popular canvases for diamond paintings include landscapes, pop culture references, animals, custom photos, abstracts, flowers, fantasy worlds, nature, and religious scenes. So, pick whatever captures your fancy and express your creativity on the canvas.

Diamond painting for kids makes a really easy and cool hobby while it’s a source of relaxation for adults. There is nothing technical involved in the process and you can easily learn the art all by yourself. Now, if you are ready to get started with it, why not help you get familiar with the diamond painting kits for adults and other stuff like diamond painting light pad which makes painting on the canvas a whole lot easier.

Best Diamond Painting

Best Diamond Painting Kits and Let Your Creative Side Flourish

Increasing numbers of art lovers and hobbyists are turning to diamond painting today. This new form of art allows one to create some amazing sparkling canvases for display or enjoyment.
You don’t really need to have any special skills to create your masterpieces with the best diamond painting kits. Painting with these diamond kits can be quite simple and you can take this new form of art as a hobby regardless of your skill level. Let’s get into some more details and figure out what diamond painting is and how you can buy the best kits for your new hobby.

How To Buy The Best Diamond Painting Kits?

As mentioned earlier, despite the fact that most kits come with the same contents, there can be significant quality differences in diamond painting kits from different brands. You can avoid any kind of quality issue by buying your kits from trusted brands and sellers out there. Most authentic brands offer guarantee for their products as well.

Some kits can also have extra materials, like diamonds or the picture of a completed painting, included in them for giving you a better painting experience overall. Some also come with zip lock bags for storing your diamonds after use. So, when you are shopping around, you should always look for such add-ons. Always read the product description and know your specific requirements to choose the right product for your needs.

You should also have a clear idea of your painting skills and what you want to paint. Always buy a painting kit that is appropriate for you. For instance, know if you are interested in 3D painting or 5D painting and buy an appropriate kit accordingly.

Also, remember that cheap is not always the best. Instead, you should look for the best value whenever you are buying something, let alone these diamond painting kits. If you buy something cheap and it doesn’t include all the necessary items for diamond painting, you’ll be only wasting your money. Similarly, if you are not getting a quality product just to reduce the cost, your entire experience will be ruined and you won’t be able to produce your masterpiece that you have spent all the time and effort for. There can be all sorts of quality issues like glue not sticking, substandard diamonds, long shipping times, or non-existent customer support. So, instead of cutting the costs, you should rather be ready to spend more and enhance the overall experience.

What Is Included In The Gem Painting Kits?

The diamond painting kits, typically, have the same items in them no matter what brand you buy. However, the products from different brands may offer different quality as well as quantity each item. So, know what’s usually included in your full coverage diamond painting kits and get your hands at the best quality products so that your painting experience can be exciting and fun. Let’s have a look at the items commonly found in these kits and their purpose.

  1. The Canvas

Diamond painting for kids or adults can’t be possible without a canvas. So, no matter what brand you buy, your diamond painting kit should have a canvas in it. It is printed with certain symbols and numbers which correspond to the diamond colors. Some canvases also come with a proper printed guide on them. There is a glue layer that covers the canvas and helps diamonds to stick on it easily so that your painting is kept together.

  1. The Diamonds

You simply can’t do gem painting without diamonds. So, no matter what kit you buy, it will have diamonds in it. The colors of these diamonds can vary from one kit to another. However, each kit will have diamonds in colors required for completing the desired painting. Every diamond color is assigned a code that you can find printed on your canvas as well as on the diamond packaging. You must keep this code in mind to place the diamonds appropriately on the canvas and create a perfect painting.

  1. The Tray

The diamond painting kits also have a simple plastic tray with thin indentations so that you can separate your diamonds and easily pick them for your painting. There’s a certain dipped corner included in these trays as well for helping with transferring the diamonds into the packaging back again.

  1. Diamond Applicator

Every gem painting kit includes a diamond applicator as well. These cylindrical tools usually resemble a pen and are, sometimes, referred to as the diamond application pens too. They have a hollow end for the nib to which your diamonds may stick while transferring them to the canvas. Wax or glue is applied to this nib in order to make the gems or diamonds stick to this applicator tool.

Usually, even the best diamond painting kits for adults come with single-drill applicators. However, there are applicators available in the market which can apply around 10 drills simultaneously as well. Such applicators come in handy when working on large paintings or when you have to apply a certain color to a large painting area.

  1. Glue or Wax

A typical kit includes small glue or wax tub as well which can be used for making the diamonds stick to the applicator during transfers.

Organize Your Diamond Painting Kits Properly

If you’ve been in diamond painting for some time now, you’d know already that it can be really hard to create perfect pieces of art when your painting supplies aren’t properly organized. Working out of chaos can do no good for your diamond painting endeavors. Even if you have the best diamond painting kits, a chaotic workspace will always reflect on the canvas.

Whenever you are doing something creative, you need to work in a relaxed mode with all the peace of mind. The same goes for diamond painting as well. So, it is always advised that you get rid of those sneaky supplies and save yourself both time and energy by better organizing the drills as well as other stuff before you get started with gem painting. Here are a few ideas for better organizing your stuff as you paint with diamonds.

  1. Label Your Drills With Shaped Labels

Properly labeling the drills will help ensure that you easily identify drills in different colors, particularly when they belong to the same family of colors. You can eliminate any confusion between round and square drills by labeling them with the same shapes. It can also be helpful in sorting out your leftover diamonds from the older paintings too.

  1. Repurpose Boxes For Storing Supplies

If you have any old boxes lying around at your home, repurpose them to store your drills and counter the carbon footprint. It will also make a cute little storage space for your diamonds as well.

  1. Invest In Multipurpose Organizers For Keeping All Your Supplies

You can find all sorts of multipurpose organizers on the market. Some of them come with adjustable slots that can help keep your entire diamond painting kits for adults in a single place. So, for times when you are not interested in repurposing, such organizers can really come in handy. They will certainly bring all the organization you need and will make the painting experience convenient and fun.

If you haven’t tried your luck with diamond painting before, it’s time you buy yourself the best diamond painting kits around and express your creative side like never before. It won’t just be a great pastime but will also allow you to learn a modern, trending form of art. Give it a try now!